PCSO 6/55 LOTTO RESULT October 15 2016 (PCSO Draw)


Latest 6/55 lotto result October 15, 2016 (Saturday 9PM update)

Last draw’s Jackpot Prize reached around: 30 Million.

Tonight’s 6/55 Jackpot Prize as announced by PCSO: P38,123,092.00

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Tonight’s Grand Lotto 6/55 Draw Jackpot Winners: NO WINNER

PCSO GrandLotto 6/55 Prizes:

  • Jackpot Prize (6 out of 6 numbers): Jackpot Prize of at least 30 Million Pesos
  • Second Prize (5 out of 6 numbers) At most 200,000.00 Pesos
  • Third Prize (4 out of 6 numbers): At most 3,000.00 Pesos
  • Fourth Prize (3 out of 6): 20.00 Pesos

PLEASE BE AWARE: The prizes above might be different or lower than the actual prize that you will receive from PCSO. As you know, prizes are divided evenly among winners. Hence, the amount that you will get could be lower than the values above.

Once again, the 6/55 Lotto Result and winning numbers are as follows…

PCSO 6/55 lotto result 10/15/2016 (Saturday):


(in no specific order)

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