6/45 LOTTO RESULT April 22, 2024

6/45 Lotto Result for April 22, 2024 – Jackpot Reaches Php 44 Million

The much-awaited 6/45 Lotto draw for April 22, 2024, happened with anticipation running high among hopeful players. As the draw unfolded on this April 22, 2024 evening, eager eyes were glued to screens, awaiting the winning combination. Results for the draw will be promptly updated as soon as the official announcement is made.

Draw:Megalotto 6/45
Date:April 22, 2024
Today’s Results (in any order): __-__-__-__-__-__
Updated Jackpot Prize: PhP _________
Today’s Jackpot Winners: 0 Winner(s)

The latest 6/45 lotto results are shared here as they unfold during the live draw.

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6/45 Lotto Result Summary (Past 7 Draws) Here is a summary/history of 6/45 Megalotto results and jackpot prizes updated as of April 22, 2024:
Lotto 6/45 DrawWinning NumbersJackpot
April 22, 2024
April 19, 202406-30-16-15-24-03Php 40.4 Million
April 17, 202428-39-29-31-34-17Php 35.7 Million
April 15, 202417-26-35-30-42-07Php 30.6 Million
April 12, 202408-30-04-06-11-10Php 25.8 Million
April 10, 202413-31-09-44-33-18Php 21.6 Million
April 8, 202431-14-17-06-05-20Php 17.9 Million

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6/45 Lotto Previous Draw
In the previous draw held on April 19, 2024, the winning numbers were 06-30-16-15-24-03. The jackpot stood at a hefty Php Php 41 Million, with no jackpot winners crowned on that occasion.

6/45 Lotto Live Draw Schedule
6/45 Lotto enthusiasts eagerly await each draw, which takes place thrice weekly, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 9 pm. These draws are broadcasted live on PTV-4 and across PCSO’s official social media platforms, ensuring accessibility to all.

Prizes for 6/45 Lotto
The starting jackpot for 6/45 Lotto begins at Php 8.9 Million and progresses until a lucky player clinches the coveted jackpot. In instances where there’s no jackpot winner, the prize money rolls over to the subsequent draw, amplifying the stakes.

Apart from the jackpot, 6/45 Lotto offers secondary prizes, calculated using parimutuel computation. This includes 2nd Prize of up to Php 32,000.00, 3rd Prize of up to Php 1,000,000.00, and 4th Prize of Php 30.00 for matching 3 to 5 numbers.

Taxes on Winnings
Tickets for 6/45 Lotto cost Php 20.00, inclusive of 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST), and are available at authorized lotto outlets or online via the PCSO e-lotto website.

how to Claime Prizes for 6/45 Lotto
Claiming prizes is a straightforward process. Winners can claim prizes ranging from Php 300,001.00 up to the Jackpot Prize at the PCSO Main Office in Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. Prizes from Php 10,001.00 to Php 300,000.00 can be claimed at the PCSO Main Office or any PCSO Branch Office. Prizes from Php 20.00 to Php 10,000.00 are claimable at authorized lotto outlets or any PCSO Branch Office.