6/58 LOTTO RESULT May 12, 2024

6/58 Lotto Result May 12, 2024 – Excitement Awaits as Millions Hang in the Balance

In the anticipation-filled world of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO) draws, eyes are eagerly set on the latest 6/58 Lotto draw held on May 12, 2024. As the nation awaits the thrilling moment, the latest winning numbers for this draw will be revealed shortly after the live draw, promising a potential windfall for lucky players.

Draw:6/58 Ultra Lotto
Date:May 12, 2024
Winning Combination (in any order): 50-56-05-44-29-53
Updated Jackpot Prize: PhP 49,500,000.00
Today’s Jackpot Winners: 0 Winner(s)

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6/58 Lotto Result Summary (Past 7 Draws)

Here is a summary/history of 6/58 Ultralotto results and jackpot prizes updated as of June 11, 2024:
Lotto 6/58 DrawWinning NumbersJackpot
June 11, 202439-23-50-48-55-37Php 126 Million
June 9, 202449-32-02-03-04-34Php 66.3 Million
June 7, 202413-21-11-14-40-37Php 60 Million
June 4, 202402-47-04-25-21-41Php 57.5 Million
June 2, 202412-42-19-58-01-26Php 53.8 Million
May 31, 202436-08-40-47-55-17Php 49.8 Million
May 28, 202416-47-40-14-21-22Php 49.5 Million

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6/58 Lotto Previous Draw
The previous draw on May 7, 2024, marked a moment of suspense as the jackpot, standing at a staggering Php 49.5 Million, remained unclaimed. The winning numbers 51-56-06-38-54-39 echoed through the hopeful hearts of players nationwide. Despite the anticipation, no jackpot winners emerged, leaving the prize untouched for the upcoming draw.

6/58 Lotto Live Draw
Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 9 PM are marked on calendars across the country as the pivotal moments for 6/58 Lotto enthusiasts. Broadcasting live on PTV-4 and PCSO’s official social media platforms, these draws captivate audiences, offering a chance to witness fortunes change in real-time.

How to Play 6/58 Lotto
Playing 6/58 Lotto is simple yet tantalizing. Players select six numbers from 1 to 58 or opt for Lucky Pick for random number generation. Each play costs Php 20.00, with options to play the same combination for multiple consecutive draws or employ SYSTEM for enhanced winning chances.

6/58 Lotto Draw Procedure
During the draw, six balls numbered 1 to 58 are randomly drawn, with the jackpot awarded to players matching all six numbers, irrespective of order. In cases of multiple jackpot winners, prizes are equitably divided among recipients.

How to Claim Prizes
Claiming prizes is a straightforward process, with varying protocols based on prize amounts. Jackpot winners and those claiming prizes exceeding Php 300,000.00 can visit the PCSO Main Office in Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, while smaller prizes can be claimed at authorized outlets or branch offices.

Taxes on Winnings
Winners must remember that PCSO Lotto prizes above Php 10,000.00 are subject to a 20% tax, as per the provisions of the TRAIN Law, underscoring the importance of mindful financial planning amidst the thrill of victory.