How to Claim PCSO Lotto Prize?

Here are the details on how and where you can claim your PCSO game prizes:

For Jackpot prize or any other prize above Php 20,000.00, you may claim your prize at the PCSO Head Office located at 2nd Floor Conservatory Building, 605 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

For prizes ranging from Php 20,000.00 to Php 5,001.00, you may claim your prize at the PCSO Head office above or at any PCSO Branch Office near you.

For prizes Php 5,000 and below, you may claim your prize at any PCSO Branch office or at any authorized lotto outlet in your area.

Important reminders before claiming your prize:

Write your name and affix your signature at the back of your winning lotto ticket.

Do not wet, fold, iron or crumple your winning lotto ticket.

Bring two valid identification (ID) cards.

Make sure to also check the PCSO Prize Payout chart for more information regarding the prize of each lotto draw.