6/45 Lotto Result March 18, 2024

6/45 Lotto Result for March 18, 2024 – Big Win with Mega Lotto 6/45 Draw!

Keep your Lotto tickets ready for the 6/45 Megalotto Result to be drawn on March 18, 2024! A mega jackpot prize of Php 15,250,945.00 is up for grabs this Monday night, and we can’t wait to share the lucky winning numbers here, immediately after the live draw.

Draw:Megalotto 6/45
Date:March 18, 2024
Today’s Results (in any order): 45-31-20-15-22-19
Updated Jackpot Prize: PhP 19,188,860.40
Today’s Jackpot Winners: 0 Winner(s)

The latest 6/45 lotto results are shared here as they unfold during the live draw.

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In Friday’s Mega Lotto 6/45 draw, the combination revealed was 03-42-02-17-43-10. The Php 15.2 Million jackpot remained unmatched, keeping the winnings intact and swelling the amount for tonight’s much-anticipated draw.

Mega Lotto 6/45, one of PCSO’s major draws, is joined by Ultralotto 6/58, Grandlotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, and the Lotto 6/42, all offering impressive jackpot prizes and stirring excitement within the nation’s hopeful bettors.

Betting on Mega Lotto 6/45 is simple. Participants choose six numbers from 1 to 45, or they may opt for the Lucky Pick (LP) for quick, randomly generated numbers. Each play is tagged at Php 20.00, and participants have the option to use the same number set for 2 to 6 draws in a row.

In the 6/45 Megalotto, six balls numbered from 1 to 45 are extracted. The jackpot goes to a lucky bettor whose number selection matches all the drawn numbers, irrespective of the order. In instances where there are multiple jackpot winners, the winnings are divided equally among them.

Playing Mega Lotto 6/45 should also be accompanied by careful checking of the data printed on their ticket(s). Bet type, bet amount, draw date, number choices – it’s all important and ensure your tickets don’t get folded, wet or heated to keep them valid until the draw.

In recap, the thrill for the 6/45 Megalotto Result for the March 18, 2024 draw is soaring high. The unclaimed jackpot from last week and the ultra-high winnings for tonight’s draw are stoking the curiosity and hopes of Lotto participants. If you too are hoping to score big with Mega Lotto, now’s your chance. Remember, play responsibly, check your tickets properly and good luck!