6/58 LOTTO RESULT Today, Sunday, November 19, 2023

6/58 LOTTO RESULT Today, Sunday, November 19, 2023 – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) released today the verified and confirmed Ultralotto winning results at 9pm.

See the 6/58 lotto result today below right after each official draw.

The following are the confirmed and complete 6/58 Lotto result for November 19, 2023:

Draw:Ultra Lotto 6/58
Date:November 19, 2023
Results Today (in any order): 16-24-19-35-47-15
Jackpot Prize: PhP 150,866,428.60
Today’s Jackpot Winners: 0 Winner(s)

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The lucky individual who successfully matches the six-number combination from 1 to 58 in any order will be crowned the million-peso jackpot winner this evening!

Ultra Lotto, introduced in February 2015, has swiftly emerged as one of the nation’s most sought-after lottery games. This game involves selecting six numbers from 1 to 58. The jackpot prize, starts at PhP 49.5 Million, escalates with each drawing until a player matches all six drawn numbers, in any order. The chances of claiming the Ultra Lotto jackpot stand at 1 in 40,475,358.

The PCSO holds official Lotto 6/58 draws on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, with the exception of major holidays when the draws are typically suspended.

PCSO is also conducting digit games nationwide. Click here to get the EZ2 Result (2D Result), Swertres Result (3D Result), 4D Result, 6D Result and STL Result together with the parimutuel draws including 6/58 Lotto Result, 6/55 Lotto Result, 6/49 Lotto Result, 6/45 Lotto Result and 6/42 Lotto Result.

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Updated Ultra Lotto 6/58 Prizes

The prize that each winner gets depend on the total number of winners as well as gross sales. PCSO uses a payout structure for Ultralotto based on this pari mutuel betting system.

Here is the Ultralotto prize table:

  • If you manage to secure all six (6) numbers from the winning combination, regardless of their order, you’ll be the lucky winner of the latest jackpot prize in the 6/58 Ultralotto game, which starts at a whopping PhP 49,500,000.
  • Matching five (5) numbers from the winning combination guarantees you a set prize of PhP 120,000.
  • If you match four (4) numbers from the winning combination, you’ll walk away with a fixed prize of PhP 2,000.
  • If you succeed in matching three (3) out of the six (6) drawn numbers, you’ll still nab a respectable PhP 100
  • .

Any prizes exceeding PhP 10,000 are subject to a 20% tax.

Previous 6/58 Lotto Results and Jackpot Prize

Here are the winning numbers for the last seven draws in the 6/58 lottery.

6/58 Lotto Result Summary (Past 7 Draws)

Here is a summary/history of 6/58 Ultralotto results and jackpot prizes updated as of June 23, 2024:
Lotto 6/58 DrawWinning NumbersJackpot
June 23, 202453-17-51-50-01-28Php 49.5 Million
June 21, 202408-24-15-44-04-58Php 150 Million
June 18, 202457-02-33-27-07-29Php 143 Million
June 16, 202446-36-58-02-50-19Php 138 Million
June 14, 202413-54-48-41-10-46Php 132 Million
June 11, 202439-23-50-48-55-37Php 126 Million
June 9, 202449-32-02-03-04-34Php 66.3 Million

We frequently update the list provided post-article publication to display the most recent winning combination for Ultra Lotto 6/58.

Our 6/58 Lotto Result History section also contains a detailed compilation of past winning combinations released by PCSO.

How to Play Ultra Lotto

Prior to proceeding, please bear in mind that participation in this parimutuel game is restricted to individuals aged 18 years and older.

Below are detailed guidelines for engaging in this widely-known parimutuel game:

  1. Visit a PCSO-authorized lottery outlet in your vicinity and acquire the Ultra Lotto 6/58 betting card.
  2. Choose a set of six (6) numbers ranging from one (1) to fifty-eight (58) for each column on the betting card.
  3. If you have difficulty selecting numbers, you can opt for the Lucky Pick (LP) to have the computer generate random numbers on your behalf.
  4. Additionally, you have the option to pick up to twelve (12) numbers using the 6/58 Lotto System Play to enhance your chances of hitting the jackpot.
  5. If you wish to participate in multiple draws, indicate the number of successive draws you’d like to enter on the Draw panel.
  6. Make the required payment for the ticket to the teller and obtain your printed ticket.
  7. Following the 9 PM live draw, cross-check the 6/58 Lotto result to confirm if you have the winning number combination.

A single combination for Ultra Lotto 6/58 comes at a price of PhP 20. If you opt for any System Bets, the overall cost can range from PhP 140 to PhP 18,480, depending on the total number of combinations generated. The ticket cost already accounts for a 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

After placing your bet, sign the back of your Ultralotto 6/58 ticket and store it securely in a dry location.

To claim your prize, ensure that your Lotto 6/58 ticket is validated by the machine. Avoid ironing, folding, wetting, or tampering with the ticket.

More prizes are up for grabs if you go for the System play. For the total amount of winnings per System play, please refer to the UltraLotto 6/58 System Play Prize Payout Chart below.

Lotto 6/58 System Plays – Ways to Increase the Chances of Winning

6/58 Lotto System Bets enables participants to select more than the standard six (6) numbers in each draw, consequently heightening their prospects of securing the jackpot.

The system plays available in 6/58 Lotto are System 7, System 8, System 9, System 10, System 11, System 12 and System 5-Roll (System 5R).

In System 7, selecting seven (7) numbers generates a total of seven (7) combinations. Conversely, in System 8, when a bettor chooses eight (8) numbers from the range 1 to 58, a total of 28 combinations are produced.

In essence, more and more number combinations are created as the choosen numbers increase. This same rule applies to the rest of the remaining system plays.

With System 5-Roll, a player selects only five (5) numbers and—for the sixth number—pairs these off with each of the remaining fifty-three (53) numbers, producing a total of 53 combinations.

Please bear in mind that the overall expense for your ticket will increase significantly in system bets due to the greater number of bet combinations you’ll be placing. The total ticket cost shall be PhP 20 times the number of combinations produced.

The table below illustrates both the number of combinations and the corresponding ticket costs for each system bet.

6/58 Lotto System Play
The Ultra Lotto 6/58 System Bets increases your odds of winning the jackpot.

Latest Jackpot Prize of Major PCSO Draws

Here are the most recent jackpot prizes for the primary lottery draws by PCSO, as of November 19, 2023.

PCSO Major Lotto Draws Results Summary

These are the updated jackpot prizes and lotto result today for Ultralotto 6/58, Grandlotto 6/55, Superlotto 6/49, Megalotto 6/45 and Lotto 6/42 provided by the PCSO.
Lotto DrawLatest Winning NumbersJackpot Estimate
Ultra Lotto 6/5853-17-51-50-01-28Php 49.5 Million
Grand Lotto 6/5503-04-29-49-30-08Php 55.3 Million
Super Lotto 6/4948-24-01-28-39-07Php 76.2 Million
Mega Lotto 6/4534-02-26-12-01-36Php 16.7 Million
National Lotto 6/4240-11-25-07-27-30Php 70.4 Million

Note: We regularly modify the table above after the article is posted to reflect the latest daily jackpot prizes.

In addition to Ultra Lotto 6/58, PCSO is also holding draws today for 2D Lotto (EZ2), 3D Lotto (Swertres), STL, and Super Lotto 6/49.

Lotto 6/58 FAQs – Everything you Need to Know about 6/58 Ultra Lotto

How can I win prizes in Ultra Lotto 6/58?

You win a prize in Ultralotto by having a minimum of three (3) winning numbers in any order. Bigger rewards await those who match four (4), five (5), or six (6) winning numbers.

Matching three (3) out of six (6) earns you PhP 100. Achieving four (4) out of six (6) guarantees a fixed prize of PhP 2,000, while hitting five (5) out of six (6) results in a prize of PhP 120,000.

If you successfully match all six (6) winning numbers, you secure the jackpot prize, which is no less than PhP 49.5 Million.

You can increase your odds of hitting the jackpot by choosing up to 12 numbers using a system bet. This type of bet generates a higher number of combinations which ranges from 7 to 924 combinations.

The system plays you can choose from are the System 5-Roll and System 7 up to System 12.

Ticket cost shall depend on the total number of created combinations.

What are the PCSO lotto draws for today, November 19, 2023?

Today’s lineup of PCSO games includes: EZ2 (2D Lotto), Swertres (3D Lotto), STL, Super Lotto 6/49, and Ultra Lotto 6/58.

Check the detailed PCSO lotto schedule here.

How can I verify today’s latest winning numbers for Ultra Lotto 6/58?

You can get the updated 6/58 Lotto result today here, or through our online pages in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You can also watch the draws live at PTV Channel 4.

When are the Ultra Lotto 6/58 draws scheduled?

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) broadcasts Ultra Lotto draws three times a week on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 9:00 PM from the PCSO draw court.

Is it possible to select more than 6 numbers in Ultra Lotto 6/58?

Yes, you have the option to select more than 6 numbers through the various system bets available for Ultra Lotto 6/58. These options include System 7 (7 numbers), System 8 (8 numbers), System 9 (9 numbers), System 10 (10 numbers), System 11 (11 numbers), and System 12 (12 numbers).

Additionally, you can opt to choose only 5 numbers by utilizing the System 5-Roll. It’s essential to consider the total number of combinations when calculating the overall ticket cost.

For example, choosing a System 7 play would cost PhP 140 as it generates a total of 7 combinations.

Am I permitted to participate in Ultra Lotto 6/58 if I’m under 18 years of age?

The PCSO mandates that only individuals aged 18 and older are eligible to participate in the 6/58 Ultralotto. In addition to the age stipulation, specific restrictions like the No Mask-No Betting policy are enforced due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Do Ultra Lotto 6/58 Prizes Get Taxed?

Winnings from 6/58 Ultralotto that surpass PhP 10,000 are subject to a 20% tax under the TRAIN Act.

Ultra Lotto 6/58 winnings below or equal to PhP 10,000 do not incur a 20% tax.

Where do I go to claim my 6/58 Ultra Lotto Prize?

Are you one of today’s 6/58 Ultralotto winners? Congratulations!

For 6/58 Lotto prizes below PhP 5,000, please visit an authorized lotto outlet or PCSO branch and present your winning ticket.

Lotto prizes exceeding PhP 5,000 but not surpassing PhP 20,000 can be collected at the nearest PCSO branch office.

Prizes above PhP 20,000 can only be claimed at the PCSO main office, located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvd. corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City.

Click here for a step-by-step instructions on claiming your Lotto winnings.

PCSO Medical/Financial Assistance Program

Those who are in need of financial assistance for their hospital confinement, chemotherapy, dialysis or medicine expenses can now apply for PCSO’s Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP).

Interested persons can download the application form through this PCSO article.

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