LOTTO RESULT December 1 2018 (6/42 & 6/55)

Tonight’s 6/55 jackpot is expected to exceed 115 Million Pesos! Make sure you buy your tickets before 8:00 PM tonight!!

Saturday LOTTO RESULT December 1 2018 from PCSO can be accessed here. Lotto players, here are the official lotto results today for 6/55, 6/42 and 6D lotto:

6/55 Lotto Result 12/1/2018

Winning numbers:

Jackpot prize for 6/55:


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6/42 Lotto Result 12/1/2018

Winning numbers:

Jackpot prize for 6/42:


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6-Digit Lotto

Winning numbers:

6D Jackpot:
P2.3 Million

Lotto Result December 1 2018 Saturday Draw Summary

6/4215-26-11-23-24-01Php 22 Million
6/5546-54-36-08-30-44Php 114 Million
6D5-3-0-5-1-0P2.3 Million

Please read the most recent PCSO prize payout chart for more information on how PCSO computes its prizes.

The winning December 1, 2018 6/55 and 6/42 lotto number combination has no particular order. 6-Digit winning number combination, on the other hand, must be in same arrangement as above.

Before claiming your prizes, read and understand here how to claim your prize.

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