3D RESULT TODAY, April 1, 2024

3D RESULT April 1, 2024 – Here is the Latest result of 3D (Swertres) Lotto. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) will conduct the lotto draws at the PCSO draw court in Mandaluyong City, scheduled for 2 pm, 5 pm, and 9 pm

2D Lotto DrawsWinning Combination (in exact order)
2 PM 8-0-3
5 PM 5-5-5
9 PM 1-3-8

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3D Swertres Result History (Past 7 Days)

The following are the latest 3D Swertres result today (updated May 19, 2024) as announced by the PCSO.
3D Swertres Draw Date2 PM5 PM9 PM
May 19, 20246-6-60-8-33-2-7
May 18, 20245-1-50-3-90-5-2
May 17, 20241-3-03-1-95-6-4
May 16, 20241-5-91-9-49-6-3
May 15, 20241-4-74-7-01-1-1
May 14, 20249-8-79-8-81-9-2
May 13, 20243-5-40-3-66-4-5

Apart from the 3D Lotto (Swertres), PCSO is presently conducting draws for various other games today, such as 2D Lotto (Swertres), 4D Lotto, Lotto 6/45, and Lotto 6/55,

How to Play 3D (Swertres) Lotto

Select your 3D number combination by indicating a single (1) digit from 0 to 9 in each column.

Select LP (Lucky Pick) if you’d like the system to generate random numbers for you, and Mark Rambolito if you want to play the Rambolito System Play.

Specify the amount you wish to bet in the AMT column. A single 3D combination is priced at PhP 10.

3D Lotto Prizes for Standard/Straight and Rambolito Plays

Winning the exact order wins you Php 4,500.00 for every Php 10 lotto play and incase you win using the Rambolito system play, you win Php 750.00 by matching three distinct digits across six combinations. Alternatively, if you have a pair of identical digits and two other distinct digits in three combinations, you stand to win Php 1,500.00.