3D Result July 7, 2024 – Swertres Result Today

July 7, 2024, is a Sunday, and the latest 3D Lotto result will be announced today. For those eagerly waiting, the 3D Lotto results will be posted right after each actual draw is made. Stay tuned for the results, which will be shared below.

3D Lotto DrawsWinning Combination (in exact order)
2 PM 0-2-8
5 PM 8-6-0
9 PM 3-2-6

Please refresh the page to see the updated results or visit the 3D Result History for this page or check other lotto result today.

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3D Swertres Lotto Live Draw
The 3D Lotto draws are held daily at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM. The results are broadcast live on PTV Channel 4 and on the PCSO’s official Facebook accounts, making it easy for everyone to tune in and check if they’ve won.

3D Swertres Result History (Past 7 Days)

The following are the latest 3D Swertres result today (updated July 16, 2024) as announced by the PCSO.
3D Swertres Draw Date2 PM5 PM9 PM
July 16, 20247-8-18-5-68-5-0
July 15, 20242-6-23-2-64-7-4
July 14, 20248-9-78-7-27-3-6
July 13, 20241-9-40-8-64-0-9
July 12, 20248-8-06-9-27-5-8
July 11, 20248-9-95-4-39-4-2
July 10, 20248-4-77-7-06-1-6

Prizes for 3D Swertres
In 3D Lotto, players can win Php 4,500 if they get all three winning numbers in exact order under the “Standard Play” or “Straight Play”. For those playing the “Rambolito Play”, a prize of Php 1,500 is awarded if the three winning numbers are in any order.

Swertres Draw Procedure
The 3D Lotto is drawn using two mechanical blowing machines called “Mega Gems”. Each machine contains balls numbered from 1 to 9, and one ball is drawn from each machine to form the winning combination.

The cost of a 3D Lotto ticket is Php 10.00, inclusive of the 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST). Tickets can be bought from the nearest lotto outlet or online through the PCSO e-lotto website.

How to Claim Prizes
Winners of prizes ranging from Php 20.00 to Php 10,000.00 can claim their prize at any authorized Lotto outlet or PCSO Branch Office. For winnings above Php 10,000.00, a 20% tax will be deducted according to the TRAIN Law.