EZ2 Result March 19, 2024

EZ2 Result March 19, 2024: Stay Tuned for PCSO’s Latest 2D Lotto Draw Updates

Brace yourselves for the latest PCSO’s 2D Lotto results! Slated for March 19, 2024, the much-anticipated draw has players and fans buzzing with excitement. Rest assured, we are here with the swiftest updates and will be posting the EZ2 Results below as soon as they are officially announced.

2pm: 22-21
5pm: 03-10
9pm: 18-07
(in exact order)

Please refresh the page to see the most recent results or visit the 2D Result History for this page or check other lotto result today.

Apart from the 2D Lotto (EZ2), PCSO is presently conducting draws for various other games today, such as 3D Lotto (Swertres), 4D Lotto, Lotto 6/45, and Lotto 6/55,

PCSO also conducts nationwide draws featuring jackpots. Check out the results for the 6/58 Lotto Result, 6/55 Lotto Result, 6/49 Lotto Result, 6/45 Lotto Result and 6/42 Lotto Result together with the Digit games including 2D Result (EZ2 Result), 3D Result (Swertres Result), 4D Result, 6D Result and STL Result.

Excluding any major holidays, the 2D Lotto is drawn daily three times at 2pm, 5pm, and 9pm. Fans can watch it unfold live on PTV Channel 4 and PCSO’s official Facebook accounts.

With each EZ2 Lotto, players stand a chance to take home as much as Php 4,000 for a “Standard Play”. Opt for a “Rambolito Play”, and you could still walk away with Php 2,000 – a win-win situation!

Don’t forget to verify your ticket(s), ensure the draw date, bet amount, bet type, and your chosen numbers are correct. Always sign your ticket at the back before you proceed to claim any prizes.

If you’re looking to participate in a 2D Lotto draw, you can easily purchase tickets priced at a mere Php 10.00 (20% Documentary Stamp Tax inclusive) from the nearest Lotto outlet or online via the PCSO e-lotto website.

In summary, stay tuned for the EZ2 Result on March 19, 2024, of the popular PCSO’s 2D Lotto. With three draws daily, participants stand a chance to win prizes amounting as high as Php 4,000. Participating is a breeze, and with tickets purchasable from the nearest Lotto outlet or online via the PCSO e-lotto website, luck could be just a step away. Always remember to check your ticket(s) thoroughly and handle them with care before claiming your windfall.